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    What people say about us:

    “With great passion and never ending enthusiasm for Architecture and Design, Vassilis Bartzokas, all these years I know him, envisions new ideas to connect the two! Above all, he is a person with a strong vision about the future of design and he has merged it into a creative business in a unique way. Vassilis is always looking for ways to bring creative people together while he creates platforms to make their voices stronger and loud. He has an exuberant personality and he is a generous person. He is tireless and his energy flows like an ocean wave that will calm down only when his idea has been accomplished.”

    As someone who has spent a lifetime promoting the benefits of good design I am in awe of Vassilios’ energy and commitment to the cause. His magazines, books, consultancy and the Athens Architect Show all reflect the very lively design community that is currently thriving in the Greek capital. The recent show that I visited displayed a comprehensive range of exhibitors, was well attended and provided a lively forum for debate and learning.

    Archisearch.gr has been a journey partner of the EU Mies Award for a long time, acting both as an expert that nominates works for the Prize every two years and as an ambassador of European and Greek architecture. The collaboration has become stronger in the last years, following the growth of communication tools and means.Fundació Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona and the European Commission organise the EU Mies Award since 1988 and the first Greek work that participated in it was the Solar Village Nº3 in Northern Athens by Alexandros N. Tombazis & Associates Architects. The EU Mies Award works as a network of people, institutions and organisations throughout Europe and beyond which share a common passion for architecture and the role it has among all of us as inhabitants of the territory, both urban and rural.Archisearch.gr was invited to be an expert of the Prize because of this shared interest in architecture and its disseminations, reaching all kinds of audiences: professionals, users, and those who make decisions such as clients and politicians. At the same time, as architecture is understood in a context of different fields that collaborate together to reach common achievements. Tools such as the website, the podcasts and social media, and programs of very high quality such as the ESO conferences that this year reach their tenth edition, or the forthcoming Design Democracy event as well as the carefully and beautifully designed and printed publications, have been some of the reasons for this fruitful collaboration between Archisearch.gr and the EU Mies Award.And above all, there is the human factor between Vassilios Bartzokas and Fundació Mies van der Rohe. As the founder and CEO of Design Ambassador which focuses on communication, consulting, content creation and productions for Architecture & Design and founder & editor of the leading online Greek magazine ARCHISEARCH.gr, has a strong knowledge on the architecture panorama in Greece and all over Europe which has allowed the Prize to become stronger.

    It is rare to meet someone with so much passion for what he does. With incredible skills to connect people with so much generosity. An invaluable resource for architecture and design.

    Great  results come from great people and great people are those who are capable of uniting competence and sensibility; to realize a vision with passion and most of all to share it in a humble way, never renouncing to the human side. This experience of being your partners at ESO with Ideal Standard, was very important for us, because we had the chance to meet you and your team. Dear Vassilios, you’re able to create a real culture instead just to talk about architecture and design. You have the ability to look ahead beyond our sector and know how to transform a meeting into a great vision in the future. Most of all you’re able to connect people and to open their hearts and minds. We’re pleased to have been part of this event and above all we’re happy to meet a great professional and a new friend. We hope to collaborate with you again soon. Thanks and thanks again.

    "I have the deepest respect and admiration for Vassilis and what he has been able to achieve in the most adverse and hostile of environments. The events he puts together are exemplary in their organization, rhythm and delivery. He has been able to create a community space for the architectural and design worlds in Greece that was absolutely necessary for the identity of the professionals in the field. A space where people really come together to share ideas and lay the foundations of a better and certainly more beautiful future. His online and print publications are constantly redefining excellence and provide platforms of expression and information distribution that are truly needed. The generosity of spirit with which he puts people together provides an example for others to emulate. The world needs more people like Vassilis."

    It is a luxury for designers and architects to find the right conditions to share our common goals, challenges, and relative successes.  Vassillios and his team at Design Ambassadors are creating more and more opportunities to do exactly that.  My experiences with them, both in Rhodes and Athens, created connections with old and new friends around serious, dynamic design discussions.  We are all lucky and stronger, as professionals and citizens, to be involved with DA, guided by Vassillios’s incredible commitment to design.  Looking forward to much more in the future.  

    Vasilis has turned his vibrant passion for the design industry into a connecting service. With his team he has facilitated a much necessary dialogue between designers, thus defining a new market, that we find very interesting in its complexity.  His elaborate design- thinking and approach have brought us all under a creative umbrella, offering us all a podium of expression and exchange. He has set the ground for the establishment of stronger and more unexpected bonds.  We are very proud to be caught inside this complex network, embrace and enjoy very much the energetic conversation he has launched. 

    Vassilis charismatic , diverse and bright personality makes him a unique partner. Tireless, full of vision for the creative world and its people, a great listener of his associates’ needs, he has the ability to connect and unite talents of different natures through the pioneering events he organizes. One of the most open minded people I know who brings not only a different perspective to things, but genuinely puts forward an innovative approach and creates experiences with and for others.

    ”Vassilis has played a key role in effectively building an architectural community for the Greek architectural scene. His vision and passion have united us as professional architects and been instrumental in establishing trust, communication and professionalism in our community, and Greek architecture has become even better as a result, reaching new heights every year. His unique drive and endless energy are contagious; he is a true visionary with a positive attitude who consistently inspires us with his projects and initiatives, which are always of the highest quality, both aesthetically and conceptually. His mission is to connect people, and he is in the service of good design. I am happy that my path crossed his path more than 20 years ago and delighted to be part of his Greek architectural family today.”

    Vasilis is probably one of the most passionate and knowledgable people in architecture I know. His approach is unique for two of reasons: First of all, he is not interested in just the product but also the people. Speaking with Vasilis almost makes you feel  important for being an architect. He doesn't only value the end result but also the process, The personal tales, the sweat and tears behind our profession. Speaking with Vassilis will also almost always remind you what were your architectural dreams when you started out, and why are you still chasing them today. Second, he has an Omni-directional approach to architectural design. He's equally excited about good decoration and fully fledged progressive design. Vassilis is a generator of architectural community and culture for our country. Archisearch is by far the most important communication hub for Greece, and to achieve this from scratch is remarkable. His events always remind us what a great community we have and how interesting everybody else's work is !  

    Vassilios is a visionaire in the true sense of the word, and more: he's a man of action. He combines the intellect to come up with great ideas with the ability to coordinate resources together towards the realization of these ideas. A man of apparently unlimited energy and sincere passion, Vassilios is always a person I enjoy doing business with.

    Vassilios is not merely a leader but a pioneer in a field he has carved out himself: fostering synergies within the architecture and building industry while establishing design as a central market force that highlights its intrinsic value. Vassilios serves as the pivotal connection previously missing in the Greek design scene. He unites professionals not only at a business level but also through human interactions that cultivate a sense of community. I hold in high regard Vassilios's ability to extend the scope of design beyond aesthetic pleasure, integrating it into political, economic, and social discourse through his numerous events and publications. His energy, vision, and dedication are embodied in the exceptional team at The Design Ambassador, a collective of professionals who produce content and narratives with profound depth and impact.

    I was pleased to realise of a new momentum going on in Greece, and certainly Vassilios and his team are at the forefront of this dynamic. Athens has a lot to offer, and architecture forums of the quality promoted by our Design Ambassador will convince many to spend time in the city around the other great delights Greece is known for. In my few days on our recent trip, I was delighted to feel welcome and extend our collegial understanding of future opportunities, hopefully to engage further in Vassilios’ call for excellence.

    I have had the privilege to know and work with Vassilis for at least 10 years. Passionate about architecture, Vassilis is the driving force for change in the field, helping bring professionals together, help generate new ideas and drive excellence in design. I am extremely happy Vassilis is now putting his inexhaustible energy in exploring the field of sustainable design, with initiatives such as ‘Learning from Glasgow COP26’ and ‘Circular Economy’ panels at the Architects Show 2021, the LIFO ‘Green Issue’ and the recent collaboration of Archisearch.gr with ECOWEEK in GREEN TALKS podcasts, featuring leading voices in sustainable design.

    "It’s very rare that people show adequate motivation and perseverance to turn their passion into a profession - and Vasilis does just that! His passion for architecture and design, topped by his charisma in communication, created Design Ambassador: the only agency in Greece that brings professionals of our industry together and supports companies in innovative ways.’’

    Well-targeted, generously accessible, and inspirational initiatives that (re-)connect dreams, ideas, and people and bridge the gap between design, academia, industry, and business. Always thrilled to see what the next step in Vassilis's international-design-community-building vision will be.

    Vasilis and the team of Design Ambassador bring together a set of values and services of international level, communicating the best in the design and construction industries in a remarkable way. The Archisearch podcast series have been an invaluable gem, giving insights into global ways of working and leaders with true passion about their practice. 

    I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Vassilis since the early Archisearch days. He is constantly looking to expand the design curriculum and enhance with cutting edge technology collaborations, bringing together industry and creative minds. His restless eagerness and love for his job make not only reliable and organised but more importantly a constantly cheerful collaborator, who brings the best out of his associates. 

    Vassilios Bartzokas is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the world of design and architecture. As the founder of Design Ambassador and Archisearch, he has created platforms that serve as a bridge between designers, architects, and their audience, bringing innovation and creativity to the forefront of the industry. Vassilios has a passion for design that is infectious. He is committed to promoting new and emerging talent, showcasing their work, and giving them a platform to connect with a wider audience. Through his work with Design Ambassador and Archisearch, he has created a vibrant community that is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

    My friendship with Vassilios goes back many years... We have many things in common. We have walked together in the same paths, talking about architecture, have collaborated in Archisearch, supported common efforts, learned from each other and one another and became friends. I could write and tell lots of things that I admire about my multi tasking and restless friend such as: his super energy, his mindfulness, his efficiency, his ability to motivate and inspire people, his imagination and joy, his endless horizons, his ability to instantly win people's hearts.However, I would like to wish him to proceed with the same impetus in the difficult yet charming way that he chose, with the same creativity, to continue, with the dedication and perseverance that distinguishes him, to offer to a country in which modernity wants a lot still work to blossom. 

    In a country where institutional sponsorship in general is casual and anemic, the multifaceted contribution by Vassilios Bartzokas and the Design Ambassadoris a notable exception. Vassilios, in love with architecture, saw the time of the crisis as an opportunity for a new personal start and devoted himself fully to promoting creative people and their work in public as well as their connection to the market and technology. As a very down-to-earth visionary with unimaginable energy and a positive mood, he constantly sets himself new goals and manages to inspire and mobilize young talented creators in a miraculous way. I hope he continues with the same fun and commitment.

    Vassilios is an eternal optimist and an inspiration to all of us in the design world. I admire his personal dedication to creativity, connecting design, business and culture in one inclusive community.

    A creative, bright and dreamy pioneer with an amazing passion for design and architecture. 
    Through these unique qualities and his deep love for the field, he has illuminated the architectural landscape of the country.  He fostered dialogue and connectivity among architects, companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and students of architecture and design. Constantly bringing fresh, innovative ideas, he creates exciting and groundbreaking events that inspire and elevate the industry.

    Vassilios and the Design Ambassador have made a major contribution to the greek design scene by uniting companies and professionals of the industry from around the world.

    Vassilios is the Gentle Giant of the creativity industry. A true ambassador, not just of the design world, but of all that is connected with creativity and entrepreneurship. A true human being, passionate about his work, that strives to connect the right people with the right situtations delivering remarkable results.

    Vassilis has been a great host. Methodical, professional and always smiling, he has managed to connect great people from different disciplines in a fantastic event. A true powerhouse of a man! 

    For the past few years in Greece, despite the relationship between the designers and the industry being very poor, there is a real revolution going on. Designers get in touch with the industry, and together they make steps forward. Architects promote, communicate and analyze their views and perspectives to the audience and the whole creative industry meets in Conferences, Forums & Events,  where has a chance to be  informed through unique exhibitions about the cutting edge materials, the innovations and trends of the global market.... Behind all those initiatives, there is a unique person, a matchmaker, a great organizer, initiator and a visionary mind,  Vassilios Bartzokas, the Design Ambassador and his talented team of associates. 

    Great work in bringing the worlds of design and business together.  Vassilios' events are remarkable for their meticulous organization paired with his engaging and generous personality.

    Vassilios is one of the most active and prominent professionals of the design and marketing industry in Greece. He has been very supportive and open to new initiatives and helped a lot designers, architects and entrepreneurs of all levels. I'm very happy to know him and collaborate with him.

    It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the Design Ambassador, on several occasions over the past year. Vassilios is a unique individual with great passion for what he does. He holds a unique ability to bring people together, build relationships and create opportunities for young professional as well as supporting & representing some of the biggest names of the Greek design industry. He is always thinking one step ahead, being pretty much the sole organiser of all major Architecture & Design events in Greece and always thinking about the next big one! He is a man on a mission and a true visionary.

    The most amazing person i have ever met! He has managed to create the idea of marketing for designers in Greece with International Standards!! His team spirit and professionalism brought a new era in organizing events and bringing people together with the highest criteria !

    Exceptional in connecting People and Ideas together. Great energy in everything he does.

    Exceptional in connecting people, innovator in paving new paths and discovering new fields, talented in promoting the positive side of each design, Vassilios is the hub of the design and architecture community in Greece.

    Vassilis and the Design Ambassador have played an instrumental role in the recent rebirth of Greek design By single handedly creating THE most important forum where designers, clients and corporations meet.

    Vassilis is brilliant. He has an incredible passion for his work and a powerful way to motivate people. His vision for architecture and design has been expressed through his publishing media, seminaries, exhibitions and conventions. His platforms provide inspiration and a meritocratic way for architects, artists and designers to express their work and go after their dreams.

    There are no words to describe the passion, devotion and professionalism that Vassilios has in the fields of architecture and design. His talent in communication combined with his great network of specialists in the field make him “the man” you need to know!

    In a repetitive world of predictable patterns, Vassilios and his team bring the joy of the first childhood surprise. The Design Ambassador managed to experientially and emotionally align our guests at Knauf Episode 01 with our company's activities and principles. I sincerely thank them for this creative experience.

    I always believed that Vassilis is in love with the design. I came to realise the last few years that actually he is first and foremost passionate about the designers...Thank you for always been there ready to help us and promote architecture and design so passionately!

    If there is a connecting link between architecture and design with business and everyday life, Vassilios has found it. A natural in communications, and design savvy, he brings the two worlds together, aiming for interplay and innovative collaborations.

    Knowing Vassilis Bartzokas for many years now both on a professional and a personal level, we believe he is a communication fountainhead, constantly giving birth to new communication opportunities, a networking wizard in the way he approaches and efficiently connects people from different disciplines, a tireless positive thinker, a humorous dreamer who decided to fill a gap in the Greek design industry, the inherent need of every creative to communicate  their artistic and intellectual activity to a broader public. 

    An amazing professional, an innovative mind, a determined doer and the best wingman you can have in new endeavors.

    Vassilios is a visionary professional who dares to breakthrough and turn his vision into a reality. Very pleasant to work with, reliable and creative.

    The man that harvests opportunity, connects the dots and creates added value in every interaction he engages... Vassilis contemplates the future with intuition & vision, being driven by creation. His moto "my success is your success, let’s succeed all together!"

    Vassilios is more than a Design Ambassador, Senator, President or whatever title he might choose to adopt in the future. His audience, architects and designers of all kinds, are well known for their strong egos and yet Vassilios has a natural ability to bring them together in synergies as if it's the simplest of things to do. He says he is just a matchmaker, but that's him being modest. When it comes to promoting design, he is a force of nature.

    The way Vassilios can organize events and bringing people of same interests together is really impressive. His passion for what he does is his power. He is a true Design Ambassador.

    One of the most creative doers I've ever met! Motivates people to do more and supports the creative industry. Vassilios is an authentic believer that never stops to dream! He connects people in best ways and always creates top level projects.

    Everyone talks about design but Vassilios IS design. He constantly creates the platform for designers to communicate their work and inspiration.Even with adverse conditions and difficult times.

    Intuitive and insightful ! One of the leading figures in tomorrows design! New age thinking is a quest for many of us but a privilege only a few have.  If not by nature, by persistence, their investigative logic and their ability to bring together people and resources that seek to revolutionize the way we do business, they bring evolution. Vassilis is the person that does not rest in what "is" , but constantly seeks to find what "must be". Truly an inspiration to most that embrace change.

    Vassilis is one of the most creative and passionate persons that I have met. He is highly energized and has all the right skills that makes him a unique person to work with. He is someone that you really enjoy working with and someone that wants to help you in any way he can. Doing business with Vassilis is a sure bet!

    Vassilios is a bright mind. he's one of the most eager, motivated, success-oriented persons I've worked with. He is punctual, hard-working, responsible and passionate with his work, a great professional i would say. But at the end of the day Vassilios is one of the most creatives guys i've ever met in my career.

    Vassilios is one of the very few entrepreneurs in Greece today that promotes and supports the nouvelle vague of architects and designers. In his effort, he brings along his positive thinking and talent in marketing and pr. 

    Vassilios' positive attitude towards our projects, his reliability and prompt feedback, offering us creative alternatives which complement our design proposals, have made him a valuable associate but also an enjoyable friend. His firsthand knowledge and experience of product design and fabrication is obvious in every aspect of his work.  Additionally, he is an exceptional entrepreneur who has created an important framework for assisting Architects and the construction industry in sourcing materials whilst promoting new technologies and architectural projects through his previous position. All his initiatives, like the Invisible Hotel Exhibition, ESW.gr the Architect Show, Architecture & Tourism Conference  and finally ARCHISEARCH.gr website are extremely valued within the Architectural, Design and Construction society where he has become a key person and organizer.

    Vassilios is one of the most gifted and open minded entrepreneurs in the field of design. He is a true visionaire with a nose for talent and innovation. He is a human network hub, always happy to create new partnerships. He is also a sweet, lighthearted person. Vassilios is one of a kind!

    Vassilios is brilliant and charismatic both as a person and a businessman. His unique combination of expertise, talent, instinct, pioneering ideas and an excessive level of sociability make him one of the most distinct and bright liaisons in the Greek and International community of Design and Architecture.

    Scouter, curator, mover, doer, dreamer but above all creative mind and connector.

    THE point of reference in the world of architecture and design! A wonderful person to work with, a very creative mind, while a dreamer yet a doer! Always with a smile, always ready to make things happen!

    It is little one can write about Vassilios, not because there is little to write, but because his multifaceted personality is spread out in so many endeavours and activities that one wouldn't know where to start. He has always been more avid about Architecture and Design, than architects and designers themselves, and all his professional life revolves around promoting both as passionately as he can. Through Design Ambassador, Vassilis is constantly and successfully bringing together top Architecture and Design Professionals from all disciplines, encouraging synergies and collaborations, with the enthusiasm I saw on him some 15 years ago, when I first met him. I cannot seize to admire that he does this with eager, though.... seemingly non effortlessly! 

    Talented in bringing people in touch  with common interests and goals. One of the best, most skillful in communication and pleasant associates.  With a natural love and feeling towards good architecture and design, he contributes in the creation of new opportunities and collaborations among people with common visions and interests.

    It's always a pleasure to work with a bright and passionate partner such as Vassilis. A true innovator with an exemplary professional expertise and a flair for successful collaborations, he always finds a way to promote ideas and help businesses grow and thrive. Hard working, kind and always with a smile on his face, he is a truly talented man with values and ethos who exudes positive energy and is a valuable resource when it comes to architecture and interior design.

    We have worked on various project with Vassilios, including two Green Design Festivals and launching 39.22. I can say with no hesitation that he is an inspiring person to work with, committed to his passion of design and architecture. He is a great motivator with a constant stream of innovative ideas and a great ability to bring people together.

    Vassilios is a source of inspiration and consultation. He is a design enthusiast, a determined entrepreneur and an invaluable asset in ambitious projects.

    From the first time I met Vassilis I came to realize his charismatic and visionary virtues. He is not just an insightful professional with advanced ideas but knows exactly how to turn ideas into a reality, how to bring together the right people, and what the ideal approach will be to bring about the desired results. Hager has partnered with TheDesignEmbassador on a variety of projects, including our participation at tAS 2019 with our own stand and our participation at ESO 2020 as a great sponsor. Both events were concluded with great success and the whole experience was even better than what Vassilis had promised us. I am always glad to work with a man so creative, passionate and visionary; that is not only a competent thinker able to come up with great ideas but a doer able to achieve extraordinary results! 

    Vassilios is an amazingly creative individual. He will always see opportunity, where others see just dry land.

    Amazing work by Vassilios, bringing together talented creative individuals from the architectural community! An outstanding spotlight on the world of Greek design!

    Having worked with Vassilios, had all the thrills of a rollercoaster ride. It is rare to find someone with such persistence in scouting what is most promising in the architecture and design community, and in reaching out to grab it before the rest.

    A natural pioneer, a true forward thinker, an effective doer, a unique personality that excels. Humility, authenticity, personal Responsibility, a point of reference, a starting point for advancement. A generous professional expert who shares knowledge and know how and helps other progress.

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